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Learn about the trade of a companion in Spain

An escort in Spain is a woman who accompanies a client to events or trips, in exchange for money. Although sex does not necessarily have to exist, these practices can be carried out if both parties to the agreement wish to do so. If you want to know more about the subject, stay in this article and discover what services escorts offer and how web recruitment agencies work.

What is a companion lady?

The paid woman who works to attend with the client, parties, social outings, events, among others, is known as a companion lady. Likewise, the service may or may not include sexual practices, as well as romantic ones, although this does not happen in all cases.

The price may vary depending on the case. For example, factors such as the hour, day, time and places can increase the cost considerably, so you should be aware of all aspects when hiring a companion in Spain.

Although it may seem strange, nowadays there are more and more women who are dedicated to this profession, since they see it as an option to get money. However, company ladies are not usually in brothels or showing off, they prefer to work discreetly and communicate with their clients through the internet.

In most cases, escort ladies, in addition to being attractive, are quite intelligent and are characterized by having interesting conversation topics. What is necessary so that they can attend business meetings, outings with friends and important dinners.

Sexual Services

Escort ladies who engage in sexual intercourse with their clients usually do so discreetly. That is, you will not see these women in brothels or on the street, since they are characterized by providing “luxury” services.

Sexual practices are related to bodily and genital stimulation, but the act can also lead to penetration, if there is mutual consent.

Non-sexual services

Non-sexual practices are more common in escort ladies. There are many men who just want to talk to an attractive and interesting girl for a few hours, so they go to web pages and contact the woman who caught their attention.

Likewise, it is also common for escort ladies to pose as the client’s partner, so that the man can impress his friends and be the focus of attention at social events.

It should be noted that in some cases, the client usually meets with the escort days before the event, to evaluate her and be sure that she will be able to comply with the service. In this way, the trade has no limits, you can carry out all the practices that those involved want.

How do escort web agencies work?

Web agencies for escort ladies have become the best way for clients to request an escort service. Thus, most of the pages put a profile of the available women, the rates and what they can do, so that the interested party can contact them quickly.

In case it needs a specific personality, you can click on the search engine and detail how you want your escort to be. The system will collect the women most similar to your description and you will be able to schedule an outing without problems.

In addition, these pages will allow you to know the comments of other clients in relation to the services of women, this will help you not to be a victim of scam and be satisfied with the service provided.

This is a very old profession, to which many women were openly dedicated in the past, however today, although it still exists and many practice it, it is done more discreetly and through other means.