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What is the scort trade?

Nowadays, the scort trade is gaining a lot of fame. However, there are many people who continue to confuse this practice with prostitution. Therefore, stay in this informative article and find out what the service of an escort consists of, how it differs from the difference of prostitution and more.

What is a scort?

An individual who provides a company service in exchange for financial remuneration is known as scort. Normally, a man or a woman is paid to attend parties or events, travel, go out to dinner and other aspects that are included at the time of hiring.

In most cases, the only thing the client is looking for is to feel the satisfaction of being accompanied by someone attractive. Likewise, scorts are characterized by being people with a high level of study, an excellent presence and a good ability to generate conversation topics.

It should be noted that this trade is practiced mostly by women and in many countries they are often referred to as “company ladies”. However, these services are crossing more borders every day, so today you can find a male scort in any escort agency.

What is the difference between a scort and a prostitute?

A prostitute is a woman who offers sexual favors for money, goods, or other services that are stipulated in the exchange. Although, there are scorts that also carry out this practice, not always like this, because their trade is limited to accompanying.

In this way, the figure of scort came to break the beliefs of many people, who consider that the trade is linked to working with sex. In this sense, the idea is that a woman or a man can accompany you on your outings and experience something similar to a sentimental or friendly relationship.

Not all people have the correct idea of what a scort is and what a prostitute is, since both tend to offer similar, but not identical, services. It is necessary to mention that the rate of the companions is more expensive, this makes a notable difference with the prostitutes.

Likewise, the work time of the scorts is not limited only to nights. These can have a contract of days, weeks and even months, depending on the service that is being provided.

Where to hire the services of a scort?

The advancement of the internet has allowed you to hire the services of a scort just by entering an escort agency. For example, on you can get the scorts you want, make a contract and pay for their work.

Most of these web pages will allow you to choose the appearance and personality of your scort, so that you can relate with pleasure and enjoy the company that this person will offer you. Likewise, the portals will help you to know the scorts closest to your location and discover the assessment that other clients gave to the available companions.

Finally, in many cities in Spain you will find competitive rates and a wide range of possibilities, so you can choose the companion you want and for as long as you want. In this way, you can enjoy the services of a woman or a man paying the rate that best suits your budget.

Without a doubt, the trade has been around for many years and everyone should learn to differentiate them. In case you want to hire the services of a scort and go out with him or her, you should know that the possibilities will depend on what you and the other party want to do. Find more information about the trade of scort and related topics in our blog.