Current situation of prostitution in Spain

Prostitution in Spain is not regulated by a specific law, there are only some activities that can be sanctioned, depending on how the practices are carried out. Therefore, if you want to know more about the subject, stay here and discover why there is so much demand for paid sex in the country, what are the cases that carry penalties and what is the objective of the fight against sexual services.

Prostitution in Spain

Spain has become the country with the highest demand for exchange sex in Europe and tops the list of the first in the world. However, it is also one of the main destinations for the trafficking escorts barcelona and exploitation of women.

Prostitution has reached another level in the country, more than 40% of men declared to pay for the sexual services of a woman at least once in their life, specifically speaking of men between 25 and 55 years of age.

In this sense, a myriad of devastating results received by people who practice prostitution, who are usually women and girls controlled by the mafia, have been determined. In Spain there are estimated between 1,500 and 2,000 brothels, where you can find from 20 to 30 employees in charge of offering sex in exchange for money.

However, in the latest survey carried out by the United Nations Organization, it pointed out that 79% of the people who exercise this profession carry it out against their will. This has caused the government to be alarmed and join the different organizations to end the real situation of prostitutes.

Is prostitution in Spain legal?

Currently, prostitution in Spain is in a situation where it is not illegal but it is not legal either, that is, there is a legal limbo. In this sense, the exercise is allowed, as long as the person agrees to provide their services in exchange for money and other goods.

Likewise, the exchange escorts madrid will be sanctioned when the practice is carried out in public places, for example: parks, residences, in public transit, schools and other areas frequented by minors.

The Citizen Security Law establishes that individuals who put the safety of others at risk due to prostitution must pay a fine of 600 to 3,000 euros. It should be noted that the warning will be received by both parties, that is, the client and the prostitute.

On the other hand, the Penal Code does punish all persons putas valencia who promote and carry out trafficking in women with 5 years in prison. It also establishes 2-year penalties for bosses who use methods such as violence, intimidation or deception to get prostitutes to do what they want.

Fight against prostitution

The mafias have been in charge of separating many women and girls from their families, with the aim of exploiting them and obtaining money from them. In other cases, they are directly sold to other people, so that they obey and are treated as slaves.

Most of the women who prostitute themselves in Spain do so out of obligation or necessity, which is why countless investigations have been carried out to identify the organizers in charge of trafficking in human beings. The fight against prostitution seeks to punish all pimps, prevent crimes and protect the dignity of unprotected people.

The severe level of violence experienced by women forced to be prostitutes must end. Spain applies a specific plan to detect these organizations and put an end to crimes, which will mean that every human being can have a dignified and integrated life.

Although it is not a profession that people want to have, some are forced to resort to these practices for reasons of necessity. Read all our post, comment and share.

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